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How does the IRBS charge?

The Intelligent Regenerative Brake System charges the battery deactivating the motor energy and using the motor resistance as a dynamo to generate energy back to the battery.

Can I connect my bike with IOS and Android?

Yes, it is possible using EIVA App (available in App Store and Google Play) and the feature of Bluetooth connection.

Which size of frame should I choose?

Rayvolt recommends M size from 1,50 m to 1,70-1,75 m height and L size for more than 1,75 m height.

What is the difference between Smart Hub and Power Hub?

The Smart Hub has 250 W, a comfortable response to plane areas and low inclination slopes. The Power Hub has 1000 W and it is prepared to be used for long travels and steep slopes.

What is the difference between Battery Std and Battery Dual?

The Std Batter is optimized to be used with Smart Hub and has 60 km of autonomy in one charge using Pedal Assist System (IPAS).

The Dual Battery is optimized to be used with Power Hub and has 80 km of autonomy in one charge using IPAS.

The Std Battery combined with Power Hub has 40 km of autonomy using IPAS and the Dual Battery combined with Smart Hub has 120 km of autonomy.

Where can I purchase a Rayvolt e-bike?

Our bikes can be purchased in our web You can also find you nearest distributors and contact data.

What features have the Rayvolt Bikes got?

The Rayvolt Bikes counts with the ultimate technology. They includes a Intelligent Pedal Assist System (IPAS) that measures the torque applied to the pedals as well as the crank rotary speed that provides a perfectly smooth power reducing the user muscle activity. The Intelligent Regenerative Brake System (IRBS) converts the torque into resistance using the wheel inertia to generate electricity and recharge the batteries. This features can be controlled and set up with EIVA App.

The bikes has been created according to the standardized norm EN15194. Depending on your country laws, you can modify the motor vehicle use.

How can I register my bike?

You can find a golden badge with your serial number on the kickstand. Send us this code number and a copy of the purchase invoice to our mail or create an account in Rayvolt Owners Club at our website (

Why I should register my bike?

The registration of your bike will help us to identify it in case you need spare parts, maintenance or technical support.

What should I do if I have any trouble with my bike?

In case you have any problem or doubt, contact your nearest distributor or use Eiva App Support to contact us directly.

How can I contact with the Rayvolt team?

You can contact us by email (, phone call (+34 935 128 461) or visiting our office in Barcelona, Spain (Carrer dels Mercaders, 12)

Which is my nearest distributor?

You can consult your nearest distributor data at in the distributors section at the bottom of the homepage.

Where can I find information about technical specifications?

Ou can consult the tech features of the bikes in the technology page at or take a look at the bottom of the bikes pages.

What are the measurements of the bikes?

The sizes can oscillate depending on the bike model:

Cruzer L: 2159 mm

Cruzer M: 1990 mm

Torino: 1800 mm

Ambassador: 1900 mm

What warranty do the bikes have?

2 years on the motor, 1 year on spare parts and warranty for life on the frame.

To which countries does Rayvolt export?

You can consult this information in the distributors section, at the bottom of the homepage. If you can’t find here a dealer or distributor in your country, please, contact with us at

How can I assemble my bike?

In the backside of your “welcome letter” you will find an assemble manual (in the pedal box you can also find a multitool to help you assemble the bike).

What is the return policy?

Check out our Return Policy for more details (LINK).

How much does shipping outside the European Union cost?

Contact us at to consult the shipping costs (it can changes from a place to another) and the customs charges.

How much can shipping costs ascend?

Contact us at

Which method of payment can I use?

You can pay with cash, credit card or money transfer.

What post sale services does Rayvolt offer?

Rayvolt offers an online technical service (EIVA tech Support in EIVA App). Furthermore our distributors network is prepared and trained to solve any problem or question you have.

What I should do if I have any technical doubt?

You can consult any technical doubt at  in “Support”. Here you can find manuals and technical specifications. If you prefer you can also contact us at

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