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  • What features do the Rayvolt Bikes got?
    The Rayvolt Bikes counts with the ultimate technology. They includes a Intelligent Pedal Assist System (IPAS) that measures the torque applied to the pedals as well as the crank rotary speed that provides a perfectly smooth power reducing the user muscle activity. The Intelligent Regenerative Brake System (IRBS) converts the torque into resistance using the wheel inertia to generate electricity and recharge the batteries. This features can be controlled and set up with EIVA App. The bikes has been created according to the standardized norm EN15194. Depending on your country laws, you can modify the motor vehicle use.
  • Which size of frame should I choose?
    Rayvolt recommends M size from 1,50 m to 1,73 m height and L size for more than 1,73 m height.
  • Standard battery / dual battery charging time when using the quick charger?
    Standard battery 1 h; Dual battery 2 h
  • Standard Battery / Dual Battery charging time?
    Standard battery 3 h; Dual battery 6 h
  • What is the difference between Battery Standard and Battery Dual?
    The Std Batter is optimized to be used with Smart Hub and has 60 km of autonomy in one charge using Pedal Assist System (IPAS). The Dual Battery is optimized to be used with Power Hub and has 80 km of autonomy in one charge using IPAS. The Std Battery combined with Power Hub has 40 km of autonomy using IPAS and the Dual Battery combined with Smart Hub has 120 km of autonomy.
  • What is the difference between Smart Hub and Power Hub?
    The Smart Hub has 250 W, a comfortable response to plane areas and low inclination slopes. The Power Hub has 1000 W and it is prepared to be used for long travels and steep slopes.
  • What is EIVA?
    EIVA is a real innovation and a Rayvolt in-house development. EIVA stands for "Electronic Intelligent Vehicle Assistant". EIVA is the "brain" of the wheel / hub motor. All settings that are made on the bike (eg strength of pedal assistance, acceleration, regenerative brake ...) are made in the EIVA. The EIVA software can be loaded onto the smartphone free of charge. You can also buy an EIVA device. This can be easily attached to the handlebar and then make all the settings there. You can download the detailed user manualfor the EIVA, which also offers you a "step by step guide"
  • What is IRBS and how does it works ?
    The Intelligent Regenerative Brake System charges the battery when braking , deactivating the motor energy and using the motor resistance as a dynamo to generate energy back to the battery. The efficiency in the Rayvolt system is very high. In order to avoid damage to the battery, the regenerated energy is throttled by the system.
  • Can I connect my bike with IOS and Android?
    Yes, it is possible using EIVA App (available in App Store and Google Play) and the feature of Bluetooth connection.
  • Why is the rayvolt Cruzer so popular?
    The New Rayvolt Cruzer, the "Cruizer E-bike" revolution in a "vintage look". "The Beack Cruiser" is available as a Pedelec or "E-Moped". Imagine you are sitting on the cruiser e-bike, standing at a traffic light, and the Harley driver next door forgets to go to the green, because he looks at the "beach cruiser" in a "vintage look". It can only be a Rayvolt bike. The design with its leather and copper elements is exceptional, the driving experience of the "Beach Cruiser" inevitably makes you look relaxed and relaxed. This is exactly what a “cruiser e-bike” must be. The "Beach Cruiser" not only convinces with its cool "vintage look", but also with its technology. With the Cruiser E-Bike you are 100 percent emission-free on the road, via motion sensors (AutoPAS) the system of this Cruiser E-Bike automatically adjusts the hub motor on the rear wheel to the terrain incline and thus regulates the driving force of the Beach Cruiser from Rayvolt The Rayvolt Cruzer merges in the chopper look of the 60s with futuristic style elements to a timeless design. This cruiser e-bike motivates you to leave your car behind and offers a valid alternative for commuters. The vintage look is also emphasized by two leather compartments that are stylishly fitted into the frame, with the battery hidden under the saddle of the Beach Cruiser and the transverse leather compartment below the top tube of the Cruiser e-bike reminiscent of a tank of a motorcycle. The "Beach Cruiser" is not only emission-free on the road, but Rayvolt produces this pedelec with 100% solar energy and has removed all pollutants from the bikes in a vintage look. So you can have a clear conscience cruising to work with the "Cruiser E-Bike" as a pedelec.
  • How can I register my bike?
    You can find a golden badge with your serial number on the kickstand. Send us this code number and a copy of the purchase invoice to our mail or create an account in Rayvolt Owners Club at (
  • Why I should register my bike?
    The registration of your bike will help us to identify it in case you need spare parts, maintenance or technical support.
  • What should I do if I have any trouble with my bike?
    In case you have any problem or doubt, contact your nearest distributor or use Eiva App Support to contact us directly. ​
  • How can I contact with the Rayvolt team?
    You can contact us by email (, by phone (+358 50 325 7248), you can also leave a contact request on the webpage (Menu Contact)
  • Where can I find information about technical specifications?
    Ou can consult the tech features of the bikes in thetechnology page at or take a look at the bottom of the bikes pages.
  • What are the measurements of the bikes?
    The sizes can oscillate depending on the bike model: Cruzer L: 2159 mm Cruzer M: 1990 mm Torino: 1800 mm Ambassador: 1900 mm
  • What warranty do the bikes have?
    2 years on the motor, 1 year on spare parts and warranty for life on the frame.
  • How can I assemble my bike?
    In the backside of your “welcome letter” you will find an assemble manual (in the pedal box you can also find a multitool to help you assemble the bike). As well some video tutorials are available on this web page.
  • What is the return policy?
    Check out our Return Policy on the Terms and conditions section , at the bottom of the page.
  • How much does shipping outside the European Union cost?
    Contact us at to consult the shipping costs (it can changes from a place to another) and the customs charges.
  • Which method of payment can I use?
    You can pay with cash, credit card or money transfer. you can also contact us if you wish to use another method! Paypal is also available on request!
  • What post sale services does Rayvolt offer?
    Rayvolt offers an online technical service (EIVA tech Support in EIVA App). Furthermore our distributors network is prepared and trained to solve any problem or question you have.
  • What I should do if I have any technical doubt?
    You can consult our manuals and videotutorials section (link at the end of the main page ) you can also contact us using the contact form or phone us.
  • Is there pedelec road approval?
    Yes, the Rayvolt Cruzers are approved as pedelec according to EN 15194.
  • When is the road approval needed for the large engine (L1e-b)?
    The cruisers with large engines cannot yet be used "openly" in road traffic, as there is no approval for this yet. Rayvolt is working flat out on this. But the large motors can also be throttled to 250 watts via the EIVA. So they can be used legally as pedelec.
  • In the event of damage: Can the bicycle be connected via WLAN and is there a " Live Diagnosis " from revolt Engineers?"
    Yes. All you need is an Internet connection from EIVA (with mobile data or via WLAN).
  • How are software updates uploaded to the bikes?
    To load or update new software on the bike, connect the bike to a WIFI network. For a firmware update, the EIVA display must be connected to a PC using a USB cable.
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